This week Open Stage evenings on Friday August 18th and Saturday on August 19th from 11PM!

Do you have a hidden talent for singing? Play the guitar? Do you like the sound of the piano? Do you like poetry or dance? Are you funny? This is your chance to express yourself!

On Friday August 18th Open stage evening for artists, musicians, comedians and their supporters! 🙂
Book your performance on the spot or write to us on Facebook!
Keyboard, guitar, percussion, bass and several microphones on stands available on stage! If you need another tool, contact us! 🙂
Friday before Open stage Evening Jazz and Improvised concert – Come talk to me and on Saturday concert – Zelma Jēgere with the band ! Tickets
Bring your friends and meet at the club Biedrība stage at Merķeļa street 13!

Entrance donations for club development!