Guitarist Edgars Rubenis solo concert at Biedrība club

Before leaving for a few concerts in Central Europe, Rubenis will give a concert in Riga, in the club “Biedrība”. Songs from the “Pains And Boogies” trilogy will be played. In these three recordings, the guitarist creates new music for acoustic solo guitar, excitingly influenced by the early blues and ragtime traditions, bringing them into dialogue with various contemporary experimental and so-called elements of new music.

Attendees of Rubeni’s concerts so far often share their enthusiasm for the precision of Ruben’s composition, as well as the fascinating experience provided by the opportunity to experience playing his instrument in person.

Previously, Rubenis is known as a member of the experimental rock group Mona de Bo. Nostalgia-inclined middle-aged listeners continue to celebrate his teenage years in band Driving South.

This spring, Rubenis published the second part of the trilogy “Sea Unbound” and is currently working on the final recording of the trilogy.

The remains of a ballad


Tickets EUR 10.00 at the entrance or
With student ID – 5.00

See you @Klubsbiedriba
Riga, Merkeļa street 13
Table reservations +371 25727804