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“Philosophy and love are the two topics that fill my life since I can remember, and contact with poetry is now a daily thing. I usually write songs, but these are texts for which I composed other arrangements. Not ones that can only be listened to . Those that can also be seen and touched.” the artist Miķelis Vanags himself about the exhibition.

The exhibition is experiencing its second appearance and this time it will be held in Klubs Biedrība. On the opening day, there will be a concert where you can hear Miķelis Vanags (voice and piano) and Inese Bērziņa (voice) performing original compositions. Let’s open our eyes, open our hearts and open our minds to creativity and live music. An intimate concert where two musicians will share their life experiences and you will hear such compositions as – Sējējs; Kur Gaišums Mīt; Slumber; Vocalīze and other new works from the compositions of Vilnis Kundrātas, Miķeļis Vanags, Inese Bērziņa

Miķelis Vanags is a musician who writes philosophical aphorisms and miniature poetry that reflect the paths of the mind and heart.
In cooperation with several visual artists, the exhibition “WHEN YOUR EYES OPEN THE LIGHT SHINES IN” is presented.
Artists that are involved in the exhibition –
Niklāvs Kotovičs is a photo and video artist. We have previously met in several photo sessions led by him and in the kitchen of the Artilērijas Street apartment, talking about life or just joking.
Gatis Valters is a photo and video artist whom I met while playing in the group “Viral Mind”. Gatis helps a static image seemingly magically come to life in front of you.
Spāre Vītola is a musician, artist and art curator who helped in several works with both her artistic vision and technical details.
Anastasija Pelņa is an artist who works with glass and ceramics. I was also inspired to realize this exhibition by her work as an organizer at the 83rd LMA carnival.
Emilija Andersone is an event producer and actress with a great love for theater, poetry and philosophy. Takes initiative and is always up to the task.
Artūrs Cukanovs is a musician and artist whom I know better from concerts and JAM sessions. Always positive and with high work ability.
Thanks to Mārtiņš Strelēvics for his help in creating the compositions and to the club Biedrība for the premises and equipment.

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