Tickets Eur 10.00

Arrival from 20:00, event starts at 21:30
Dress code: retro/vintage/80s
“Since we hadn’t seen anyone hold a presentation for a long time, we decided – we want to bring back this tradition”, the band’s guitarist Krišjānis Ozols comments on the event. Our guests are waiting for an extraordinary and informal party with dances, a bingo game, a unique performance of the group ‘Citi Senči’ and, of course, the presentation of the song itself and the video!
Tickets can be purchased:…/citi-zeni-vecumdienu-ballite…
The group’s latest performance “Vecumdienas” was heard live in February at the end of the “Zelta Mikrofons” Music Recording of the Year award, but the group is presenting the song together with a grand video only now. With this event, themes from the new album, which is planned to be released in the fall, will also be sung.