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Rahu The Fool’s current and permanent band took shape in the winter of 2017/2018, when guitarist/vocalist Pēteris Narubinas, washboard player Jāzeps Podnieks, violinist Lauma Bērza and double bassist Evita Bambāne were joined by Australian saxophonist Benijs Zeltkalis (Benny Goldmsith) by chance in a Folkjam club “Ala”.
The group performs, arranges and composes music that could generally be called folk music, or, more precisely, world music – blues, bluegrass, folk songs, Latvian dances, Belarusian dances, French burée, Australian folk music, sometimes small touches of jazz and country music, a-cappella compositions and gypsy jazz. The instrumentation is quite extensive – washboard, double bass, guitar, saxophone, violin, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, tambourine, shakers, stomp-box, 5 vocals, flute, sometimes even a kazoo appears and this is just as interesting.
Rahu The Fool has performed in countless concerts throughout Latvia and has travelled once to Brussels, travelled manors, attended festivals “Laba Daba 2019”, “Summersound 2019”, “Playground 2018”, “Smilšu skulptūru festivāls 2019 ”, “Saldējuma Festivāls 2019”, “Zaubes savvaļas kulinārais festivāls”, ” Saules festivāls ‘,’ R & B blues festival ”, blues concerts at festval “Bildes” (2016-2019), Muzikālajais skudrupūznis in 2019 and 2020, various projects – ” LMA Art Carnival (2018; 2020) ‘,’ Supernova 2018 ‘“, Balttour 2020, warmed several times to the group “Pērkons” and once to Žoržs Siksna. Rahu The Fool, as a group, participated in Viktors Runtulis cambaré in 2018/2019, as well as in a merger with the actors in the last season – “Absints.” The group has played a lot of festivals, as can be imagined: the Šokolādes festival in “Laima”, the Pavasara Festival in Mārupe, the festival of the Hospitāļu and Peldu streets, weddings, birthdays, new years, Līgo festivals, terraces, bars, cafes, opening and covering.

The aim of the group is to create good music, entertain others, entertain themselves and maintain living old good values, old good stories, adding to them a part of each of us, completely different people, living today!

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